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Swedish far right political party - Sweden Democrats seems to be rally reversing as it start falling from the polls

Wednesday, 01 May 2013
The Swedish far right political force, the Sweden Democrats seem to be in permanent decline if the compilation of five major polls done by polling organisation Novus for radio Sweden is realistic. For example, the party has seen its poll and immediately started reversing from its peak of 8.8 percent in March to 7.8 in April.

Swedish government continues to fight back from poor opinion rating

Tuesday, 30 April 2013
Confidence in the current Swedish bourgeoisie government continues to tumble and there is a consensus emerging that the opposition Red - Green could do a better jobs in governing the country.

Denmark still leads as European most taxed country

Monday, 29 April 2013
Danish tax burden of 47.7 percent is the highest in the EU. The lower corporate tax will move Denmark from the 10th to 13th most expensive place to do business.

Far right party, Sweden Democrats experience some of its biggest falls in recent opinion polling

Sunday, 28 April 2013
In a new statistically significant poll conducted to test the political climate in Sweden, presented recently, far right party, Sweden Democrats is seeing its political fortunes fading.

Black people again on the breath of Swedish far right party - No good

Friday, 26 April 2013
A parliamentarian from the Swedish far right party, the Sweden Democrats, has come up again with another derogatory remark about the Black Africans.

Continuous tussle between two aspiring personalities to lead Sweden in the future

Friday, 26 April 2013
Although it is very easy for the Swedish people to develop fatigue in a political leader after he has been in office for long,  the current and present prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt continues to be rated higher in the mind of voters.

Russian spy plane flew between Öland and Gotland and Sweden did nothing

Thursday, 25 April 2013
Russian military has once again surprised Sweden with another military practise near the Swedish border and Sweden has not reacted.

Swedish governing coalition continued to be thumped in the polls by the opposition

Thursday, 25 April 2013
The Social Democrats, the Left Party and the Green Party (red-Green Coalition) have together gained a 49.5 percent of voter support in the latest voters' opinion poll ran by Swedish television, TV4 conducted by polling organisation Novus.

Swedish far right party, the Sweden Democrats growing exponentially in southern Sweden as money keep son tumbling in

Monday, 22 April 2013
If the election were held today, the Sweden Democrats, the radical far right party, would get 16 percent of the vote to the Regional Council of Skåne, Southern Sweden.

Swedish political parties loose members but are expected to be fed with billions of taxpayer money

Thursday, 18 April 2013
One great thing about the Swedish political system is that it is not awash with money like the type seen in places such as the USA. This means that political system would be less bias towards a particular interest group. But political parties are loosing members.

Swedish central bank, the Riksbank leave rate unchanged

Wednesday, 17 April 2013
The Swedish central bank or the Riksbank has decided to leave its key interest rate unchanged at 1.0 percent. The Riksbank forecasts show that the rate will not be increased until the second half of 2014.

Easy to tell when Swedish people get tired of a political system  but are they really ready to change as opposition continue to expand their lead.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013
The Swedish Red-Green opposition coalition continues to increase its lead in the Swedish political scene with yet again another opinion showing that improved performance. One problem is that they have lost their majority.

Swedish unemployment rate will not decrease in the nearest coming years

Monday, 15 April 2013
Swedish unemployment will remain above 8 percent for years, the government presented in its spring budget and which Scandinavian companies and market has seen.

Swedish minister of finance, Anders Borg lowers Swedish growth forecast

Sunday, 14 April 2013
The Swedish economy would not grow next year as would have been expected. The Minister Finance, Ander Borg said that growth for next year is being downgraded further in the spring budget, which Mr. Borg presents tomorrow.

Social Democrats and its coalition, the Red-Green bloc maintain their strong hold in Swedish opinion polls

Sunday, 14 April 2013
Swedish voters seem ready to change the political landscape of the country in the next general election if the opinion polls being published recently are realistic. It has been a while since the Social Democrats party and its coalition - the Red Green coalition lead the opinion polls, and that lead seems to continue to resist any attempts to weaken that momentum.

In the war between religion and democratic, racial and gender equality principles, a muslim chooses his religious roots over the former

Saturday, 13 April 2013
Omar Mustafa, the official with a Muslim background elected to the executive level of Social Democratic party has submitted his resignation from that position after pressure was heaped on him.

Conflict between democracy, freedom, religion, and culture in Swedish Social Democratic Party. Omar Mustafa must choose between Swedish political model or Muslim religious model

Saturday, 13 April 2013
Sweden has its own difficulties when it comes to diversity of its people in public life. However, one thing is clear, Sweden leads in areas of freedom - freedom of warship, press, gender equality, and democracy among others in the world. So how should a typical Muslim work in a Swedish political party such as the Social Democrats?

Sweden ranked most socially advanced country, a new Social Progress Index rank countries using another methodology

Friday, 12 April 2013
The new index  - Social Progress Index, SPI, has completely ignores the traditional measure of economic growth, GDP, and focus instead on the social factors that measure the standard of living. That has placed Sweden on top of the world as the best country.

Sweden would start giving economic aid to Mali

Thursday, 11 April 2013
Sweden will begin paying out bilateral aid to the Malian government again. The assistance, which was frozen after the military coup in March last year, is worth Skr250 million per year.

Sweden continues to be weary about the "provocative behaviour" of North Korea

Wednesday, 10 April 2013
Sweden is worried about the provocative behaviours of North Korea especially when it emerged today, the deadline for war to start and that it will likely test fire a missile.

As North Korea told embassies that they would not be protected, Sweden is concerned

Saturday, 06 April 2013
On Friday, North Korea's Foreign Ministry called the foreign embassies, including the Swedish, to a meeting on the situation in North Korea. In it, North Korea announced that it couldn't guarantee the security of the Western embassies after 10 April.

Social Democrats are loosing members - now have just a fewer older members.

Thursday, 04 April 2013
The Swedish Social Democrats party is facing up to a new reality. The aggressive quest for wealth by the younger Swedish people these days have made them to loath socialist tendencies and prefer more capitalistic and wealth chasing ideals. As such  Democrats is seeing its membership based shrinking very fast.

The Swedish government criticises the opposition's lowest unemployment calls. "How can they achieve that," Borg ponders.
Thursday, 04 April 2013
The Swedish government via its finance minister, Anders Borg has criticised the opposition, Social Democrats for making a very bold and "unrealistic" statement that they have an approach to make Sweden have the lowest unemployment in Europe.

The Social Democrat party wants to make Sweden a country with the lowest unemployment in Europe - how?

Wednesday, 03 April 2013
The Swedish opposition party, the Social Democrats are poised to make Sweden a country with the lowest level of unemployment in Europe. Enjoying a growing support from the voting public, the party seem to have secured an understanding of what the Swedish voters really want now - Jobs.

Far right party, Sweden Democrats is attractive to Swedish Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, 02 April 2013
The Swedish radical far right political party, the Sweden Democrats is gaining astronomical support from Swedish entrepreneurs, more that other parties such as Centre Party and the Green Party, a new opinion poll show.

Swedish Social Democrat crave more ethnic diversity in the party as it continues to renew and rejuvenate itself

Monday, 1 April 2013
The Swedish Social Democrats party will likely take office if the opinion pulls presented recently hold in a new election. But the party has one major problem it wants to address, diversifying the party along ethnic lines. The question is could that be possible?

Sweden ponders what to do with North Korean refugees in Sweden as the North and South Koreas talk war

Monday, 01 April 2013
Sweden has thought of repatriating some North Korea refugees back to South Korea although the two countries are currently taking war. But that situation can change if an all out war break out.

Social Democrats continues to edge ahead in opinion polls in Sweden

Monday, 01 April 2013
Swedish Social Democrats party continues to move forward in voters support according to news opinion poll release on Easter Monday.

Sweden to crush economic aid to some Latin America countries

Sunday, 31 March 2013
Swedish economic assistance or economic aid to some countries in Latin America are to be crushed and stopped, in a proposal from Gunilla Carlsson, head of the Swedish International Development Cooperation (SIDA).

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