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Conflict between democracy, freedom, religion, and culture in Swedish Social Democratic Party. Omar Mustafa must choose between Swedish political model or Muslim religious model

Saturday, 13 April 2013
Sweden has its own difficulties when it comes to diversity of its people in public life. However, one thing is clear, Sweden leads in areas of freedom - freedom of warship, press, gender equality, and democracy among others in the world. These aspects make Sweden one of the best places to live on the face of this very difficult earth.

Something that has been on the news of recent which we have been observing and waiting for it to develop properly has  to do with Swedish democratic principles and the integration of the Muslimism in its political organisational culture.

The Social Democratic party is a party that has embrace lost of diversity in terms of the cultural, racial and gender profile of the Swedish politics than most of the other political parties.

As the party move forward on with the question of proper racial integration,  it is caught in the middle with the problems of the mix of  party cultural - religion values  and the values of the party itself in the face of the Swedish national position and institutional structural dynamics.

The question goes thus - can a Muslim who heads the Islamic Association, an organisation that stand against some of the core believes of the Social Democrat party, such as gender equality, anti homosexuality, religious freedom among others  heads the executive position of the party. Many people feel that there is a clash to ideologies here and that one must give way. Either you become an executive of the party only, or you remain the head of the Islamic Association and have nothing to do with the party executive.

This is what has been going on with Omar Mustafa, the president of the Islamic Association of Sweden and who has been nominated to the Social Democratic Party Executive. Recently there has been an outcry from party members who have called for Mr. Mustafa to either remain head of the Islamic Association, or to rescind his position in the Islamic Association if he wants to hold the top job in the Social Democrat party

Imag. from Swedish television - Social Democrat Leader Stefan L�fven  and Mr. Omar Mustafa
Such was explicitly made clear  today when the Social Democrat party leader,  Stefan L�fven made it very clear that Mr. Omar Mustafa "can not be elected in the Social Democrats executive unless he can fully stand up for the party's values of human equality and equality between women and men. These are values that we build our whole policies on. It is inviolable."

L�fven has not spoken to Omar Mustafa directly but in the bylaws of the Islamic organisation, which Mr. Mustafa heads, it stresses that men and women should have different legal status.

"The Stockholm municipality which has nominated him for the political post now has the responsibility to sort out the issue," said L�fven.

As for the Muslims in Sweden, they don't see the reaction toward Mr Mustafa as anything justifiable. They are crying foul that they are being victimised and forced to abandon their culture and ways of life just to be accepted in the Swedish political and social system.

"To get into the top political position in Sweden as a Muslim, "you must resign yourself from your Muslim identity - otherwise you are forever doomed as oppressors of women, homophobic, and terrorism , " Mustafa Al-Sayed Issa, chairman of Sweden's Young Muslims wrote on the Swedish television blog.

But this does not board well with the members of the Social Democrats who have called on Mr Mustafa to depart. Social Democrat MP, Carina H�gg sais to radio Sweden that Omar Mustafa should departs and mentioned that his values must be consistent with our party values.
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