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About Us

  News Headlines and Feed


Our News sources We continuously receive material from the various  daily press, weekly periodicals, trade press, TV/Radio stations, news bureaus, national account registries and many others from the core 5 Scandinavian countries as well as various partners in the UK.

With this close co-operation  and relationships with our UK partners and other we are building, we are able to can provide a complete regional and international service.
However, our interest in to report and analyse the Scandinavian market and give the perspective of the companies and economies as well as their leaders of their national and  international view of economic, political and social issues.

Our Limitations

At moment our limitations are mostly

•    Cost - it is costly to pay our writers and analysts. The Scandinavians do nothing for free.
•    Language - those seem similar, the Scandinavian languages are so divergent that translation sometimes take toll.
•    It is sometime very hard to get people authenticate news features. When a news item comes it we need authentication and sometimes comments but to get the right people to talk is hard. We end up publishing late or just leave a story our.
•    Should we keep on doing it?  Don't know !

Scandinavian Companies and Market ( is one of the newest Business News and information organisations to emerge from the Scandinavian region that is dedicated to provide news reporting and analysis in English.

 Since 2010 when it started its first publications in line, it has established itself as a must-read site with key figures in government, journalism, policy making, students, business as well as individuals coming in to take on us.

People turn to Scandinavian Companies and Market for the ideas and trends behind the headlines and for a contrarian view of topics especially from the Scandinavian perspective.

We design our approach in hitting the point and striking an idea irrespective of popular opinion. We have and are still opening up the Scandinavia to the world, in the traditional sense, in a better way than before.

Each day we bring issues that would traditionally not be reported on and new ideals conceived by the bright people of this region which quite but very is creative. Thu you will find reports emanating from ideas of the brightest minds on the events and ideas that define the modern Scandinavian world.

Questions asked most of the time and answered right here includes
Why the Scandinavian countries are always leading in global classifications in areas such as
•    Quality of life - Environmental issues and healthcare
•    Higher per capita income
•    Best places to live and do business
•    Competitiveness
•    Politics and policies
•    Work – life balance
•    The power of the women  and such empowerments
•    Education and more…

Most of the answers to these question have been either hidden in various Scandinavian publications that are non accessible because of language barrier or have been published scantily in the international newspapers which spread thinly all over the world.

This is why we are different - in that we stay focus on our region so that we give the best as you have never seen before.
You are a lover the Scandinavia then you are welcome to join us explore and enjoy the Scandinavian riches.

Our Key characteristics

    * We reports and analyse news emanating from the Scandinavian regions in English

    * We come from Gothenburg, Sweden, the centre of the Scandinavia, though for logistic reasons, we broadcast from London. As such our editorial office is in London but our field work and research is carried out in Sweden, Finland Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

    * We also report on some European issues that we feel that public should know and some issues we feel passionate about

    * We provide a broad range of essential services, including news, comment, data and analysis, to the growing audience of internationally minded business people who have lost of interest in the Scandinavian region.
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