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Swedish far right political party - Sweden Democrats seems to be rally reversing

Wednesday, 01 May 2013
The Swedish far right political force, the Sweden Democrats seem to be in permanent decline if the compilation of five major polls done by polling organisation Novus for radio Sweden is realistic. For example, the party has seen its poll and immediately started reversing from its peak of 8.8 percent in March to 7.8 in April.

"We see that we have not had the same focus on the Sweden Democrats in the past month but other parties have been at the centre and it also means that it becomes natural with some decline," Sweden Democrats party secretary Bj�rn S�der told radio Sweden.

By February, the Sweden Democrats party had their strongest support to date, 9.4 percent, in the Swedish voter opinion in which five opinion polls are weighted together to give a more reliable picture of the last month's voter's opinion development.

Decline to 7.8 percent is the most obvious change among parties in the last month and means that the party is back on the same level as it was in October last year. That is a result that is still significantly higher than what the party had, on average, since 2010.

Bj�rn S�der do not think the party could go back to that level. "As we will intensify our campaign on the streets and meet voters and talk about our politics, I think we will see a very good result."

Among the other parties, the changes are relatively small. The opposition, Social Democrats increases in April slightly to 33.8 percent, from 31.8 per cent in January.

Among the bourgeois governing parties, the Conservative Moderate  are seeing their support increase by half a percentage point to 28.4, but it is still a somewhat lower level than, say, 2011 and 2012, when the party often had at least 30 percent.

Wobbly Centre Party which during winter went down to 3.6 is now back over parliament threshold of 4.0 percent.

As far as possible government option are reached, the bourgeois government parties totalling 41.9 percent, which is a slight increase since March. But it is still the bloc's second worst result since the compilations began to be done in January 2010.

On the other side of the political spectrum, added  together the Social Democrats, the Green Party and the Left, 48.8 will be the total and that will means that they - the Red Green Coalition are almost seven percentage points increase.

Centre Party Secretary Michael Artursson, still believes the alliance can turn things around.
"It is a big challenge for the Alliance parties which I think we can do when it gets to a sharper debate before the election about what the various government options really stand for."
by Tean

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