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Political Economy


Group and Coalition


Change in percentage

The Green Party, The Left Party
(Red Green Coalition)


The Moderate, People's Party, Christian Democrats and Centre Party  (Alliance)
 Change %
The Moderate Party   
The People's Party   
The Christian Democrats   
The Centre Party   
The Social Democrats   
The Green Party   
The Left Party   
Sweden Democrats   
  Source: TV 4/ Expressen

Swedish governing coalition continued to be thumped in the polls by the opposition

Thursday, 25 April 2013
The Social Democrats, the Left Party and the Green Party (red-Green Coalition) have together gained a 49.5 percent of voter support in the latest voters' opinion poll ran by Swedish television, TV4 conducted by polling organisation Novus.

This means that the Alliance governing coalition (The Moderate, People's Party, Christian democrats and Centre Party, pictured below) has hit its lowest point in voters support since 2008, writes the tabloid Expressen. The percentage of voters supporting the Alliance coalition has fallen to 40.8 percent, with reference to cases for both the Conservatives and Liberals.

The Moderate party fells for the third consecutive month to its lowest level since the 2010 election.

With the Conservatives accountable for the progress of the country,  with high unemployment and very bleak outlook  of the economy, is not really surprising to see their support really being pounded, according to Torbj�rn Sjostrom,of Novus, writes the paper Expressen.

As it looks like today, the Centre Party and the Christian Democrats are working under parliamentary threshold.
Far right party, Sweden Democrats lost 0.2 percent, but is still the third largest party in front of the Green Party.

"There's a fatigue when the government has been in power for so long., we have never had a Conservative government that has been in office for so long. Since then the  Social Democrats have become more attractive during the leadership of Stefen L�fvens, "said Malena Ros�n Sundstr�m, a political scientist at Lund University, to Expressen.

About the Survey

The survey was conducted between 25 March and 21 April 2013. The question, which was asked via telephone to a sample of Swedish citizens age 18 and older about,: How would you vote if there were a Riksdag (Parliamentary) election, today. 2,000 people were responded. The changes however are not statistically significant.

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