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Social Democrats continues to edge ahead in opinion polls in Sweden

Monday, 01 April 2013
Swedish Social Democrats party continues to move forward in voters support according to news opinion poll release on Easter Monday.

The poll conducted by polling organisation Ipsos carried out in March for the Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter show that the Social Democrats now stand at 32.6 per cent when it comes to  voters support against 28.0 for the governing conservtaive Moderate party.

The Centre Party, which is part of the governing coalition, stays at 3.8 per cent, which is below parliamentary accession threshold while the Christian Democrats also a member of the coalition government also lost 0.2 percentage points since February and now stand just four percent, which is okay to let it into parliament.
Social Democrats / Leader
S. Löfven ==>

Social Democrats, the Left Party, and the Green Party, otherwise known as the Red Green coalition, put together have 49.4 percent of voter support whereas the current governing  Alliance coalition are struggling with 41.4 percent of voters' support.
Far right party, Sweden Democrats has slumped somewhat from 10.2 to 8.0 percent.

On the whole, the other Swedish voter opinion polls continue to show that support for governing parties is declining and has now reached a low level of 40.9 percent. That is a decrease of 1.2 percent compared with February.
The Centre is the party that has lost most among the coalition governing parties - loosing 3.1 percent. The Social Democrat have seen their own support increased by 1.2 percent.

The summation of the Swedish voter opinion is an index compiled by polling organisation Novus for radio Sweden, where March figures from polling organisations Demoskop, Novus, Sifo, Skop and Ipsos have been weighed together. Therefore, it is not possible to say whether the changes are statistically significant.

Swedish Voters public opinion presented by Ipsos:
Party / group Percentage
Change in percentage
Coalition Parties

Red-Green: Social Democrats, Green party and the Left Party   
Alliance: Moderates, People Party,  Christian Democrats and the Centre party   

People's Party 
The Christian Democrats   
Centre Party   
+ / -0
The Social Democrats   
Green Party   
The Left 
+ / -0
Sweden Democrats   
Source: The measurement is based on 2167 telephone interviews during the period from March 7 to 26. Team

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