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Swedish prime minister getting disturbed about the tone of immigration debate in the UK

Tuesday, 26 March 2013
The 1930s taught us that economic problems when it hit a country, those to suffer are people who are "not like us." The debate about the way the UK is handling the question of immigration is keeping some leaders in the EU gazing and just mesmerised.

Here in Sweden, pundits are looking into why David Cameron decided to play into the hands of the far right and anti EU party, UK Independent Party. The party has been attracting the support from British voters when it succeeded to convince them that Europe was bad for Britain and that immigrant from the EU drains British public services. The British people who are depressed by a stagnant economy and excessive high cost of leaving and are seeking solace by buying into it.

Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, is one of those who are critical of Cameron, whom he has seen in the past as a political friend. When the British Prime Minister, David Cameron went on the podium yesterday to warn of the Europeans of being "social tourist" especially as Europeans from Bulgaria and Romania are expected to migrate, to the UK, it becomes very worrying. "It is unfortunate," said Reinfeldt.

"I think it's unfortunate, I believe in a Europe that is open, where we have freedom of movement and where we should rather be asking the question of how people can come here easily and get jobs," says the Prime Minister in a statement.

The Swedish press on the whole, reacted with disdain to Mr. Cameron's speech in which the Swedish television described the whole scenario as him painting a picture of an invasion by European benefit seekers into the country and who must be stopped.

Author and commentator, Dilsa Demirbag-Sten, spoke to Swedish television today and said that Cameron's speech "was just following a trend that runs through the whole of Europe now. Look at Greece, where Nazis are sitting in Parliament and Jobbik in Hungary who want to eliminate the Jews are in Parliament. Xenophobic forces are rising and he must position himself for the elections soon and simple."
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