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In the war between religion and democratic, racial and gender equality principles, a muslim chooses his religious roots over the former

Saturday, 13 April 2013
Omar Mustafa, the official with a Muslim background elected to the executive level of Social Democratic party has submitted his resignation from that position after pressure was heaped on him.

After being criticised for heading an organisation, the Swedish Muslim Union which advocated in one of its by-laws that there shall be no equality between a woman and a man, the Social Democrats proposed to him to either choose the political top job in the party and respect its principles or hold his Muslim Organisation job. He could not be the head of the Muslim union that does not reflect similar principles as the party and at the same time works as an executive of the Social Democrats.

Late on Saturday night in a written statement after an emergency meeting with the Stockholm Municipality, Mustafa issues his resignation from the position and also from the party. In the meeting held in Stockholm, last on Saturday, it was held that
party leadership believes that his religious views and those of the party clashed. It was thus held that the rules of the Muslim organisation did not conforms with the position of the Social Democrats party in the modern world.

Imag. from Swedish television - Social Democrat Leader Stefan L�fven  and Mr. Omar Mustafa
In the statement Mr Omar Mustafa writes that "The Party leadership's view is not only unfortunate, it is also a frightening signal to the Muslims and other believers of the Social Democrats. I perceive that the party leadership therefore has lost confidence in me, forcing me to leave all my assignments in the party, "writes Omar Mustafa in the statement he sent to news agency TT. He made it clear that he is not willing to give any interview.

Not long ago, Mustafa was being pushed by the works department of the Stockholm municipality, various organs of the political branches there and local party organization within the Social Democrats, seeking to get him elected to the party executive.

Party leader, Stefan L�fven in a statement on Saturday, said among other things that the party is an inclusive one and that any body operating wit ideals that don't conforms with its principles would not be  commended. He called on the "Stockholm works department of the municipality that has nominated him to have the responsibility to sort out the issue."
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