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Political Economy



Easy to tell when Swedish people get tired of a political system  but are they really ready to change as opposition continue to expand their lead.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013
The Swedish Red-Green opposition coalition continues to increase its lead in the Swedish political scene with yet again another opinion showing that improved performance. One problem is that they have lost their majority.

According to polling organisation SKOP, the combination of voters support for the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Left Party have seen voter support reaching only of 46.6 percent,  in April.

For the governing Alliance coalition four parties, they got 43.5 percent, but the Christian Democrats stands under the parliamentary access threshold.

If there were to be an election today, the far right Sweden Democrats would get a balance of power.
"With  declines of the People's party, the Sweden Democrats is emerging as the fourth largest party. Sweden Democrats retain its pivotal position on voter survey translated into parliamentary seats, "said Skop analyst Birgitta Hultaker.

She also notes that the Christian Democrats, with 2.5 percent of voter support, now lies in a deep downward trend and risk being wiped out.

The survey covers over 1,000 interviews conducted during the period March 26 to April 11.
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