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Russian spy plane flew between ´┐Żland and Gotland and Sweden did nothing

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Russian military has once again surprised Sweden with another military practise near the Swedish border and Sweden has not reacted.

The Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet, which initially exposed the holed in the Swedish security system, has reported once again that the Swedish military went again into a slumber while the Russians were examining how easy it was for them to attack Swedish outposts as they trained this time closer than before.

Sources told the newspaper that a signals and intelligence from a Russian plane was collected and showed that on Saturday a Russian spy plane flew in the narrow strip of international airspace between ´┐Żland and Gotland on the Eastern side of Sweden, shown on the graphic illustration below.

Graffic presentation from Svenska Dagbladet show the Russian spy plane closer to sweden than before
However, a major military exercise in the area, which involved Sweden the U.S., Finland, and the Baltic States, was carried out recently.

It remains obscured if any of the Swedish fighter jets, the Gripen planes were sent up when the Russian spy plane came again.

The Swedish Parliamentary Standing Committee on Thursday will receive a statement from the Swedish defence incident preparedness. The committee would want to have knowledge about why no fighter jet was scrambled lifted to challenge intruders looking at us when Russian warplanes practiced outside Gotland during the at Easter period.
For several defence analysts and politicians, it came as a surprise that the two fighters jet design to act in incident preparedness were made ready immediately only the incidents  and could work only during some part of the day. The Armed Forces are expected to send their top official of the department, Anders Silwer to committee.

Anders Silwer did not want to reveal to Svenska Dagbladet in relation to the behaviour of the incident preparedness reaction to Saturday's Russians second attempts.

"We do not comment on every single event, "he said.

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