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Far right party, Sweden Democrats is attractive to Swedish Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, 02 April 2013
The Swedish radical far right political party, the Sweden Democrats is gaining astronomical support from Swedish entrepreneurs, more that other parties such as Centre Party and the Green Party, a new opinion poll show.

The poll commissioned the Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri carried out by polling organisation Skop, shows that bizarrely, businesses and entrepreneurs love the far right party and are more sympathetic to its course.

The far right Sweden Democrats believe in racism, fascism, withdrawal from the EU and deportation of immigrants among others as a policy which if the party comes to office and pursue, entrepreneurs feel that it will be good for their business development.

The paper writes that when business leaders and entrepreneurs are asked, "Which political party do you most support in national politics?" 5.5 percent responded that they supported Sweden Democrats, which is a radical far right party operating along the Nazi lines.

That support is a significant lift in terms of previous business barometer when the party attracted only 0.9 percent of entrepreneurs.

Business sector support for Sweden Democrats overall, however, is still lower than the electorate as a whole, but the party is gaining ground among a selected group where it has previously not been that strong. The question stands that if Swedish needs the external market for its business given Sweden's own small market, isn't creating a better relations with other races a good strategy?  Does this just go to show how strong racism and xenophobia is so deeply rooted into the Swedish man's psyche that they cannot control how to use that feelinmg?  

Classic political parties in the country that have been entrepreneurial parties such as the Christian Democrats and the Centre Party receive less support from the entrepreneurs than the Sweden Democrats.

By far the greatest support among business owners is for the governing Conservative party, the Moderates. Here some 64.4 percent support the party's policies and the Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Despite the fact that Moderates is the party favoured by businesses, support for the party fell slightly by 7 percentage point when compared to past tests September 2011, writes Degens Nyeheter.

The Social Democrats given their socialist background are not very popular with businesses as only 10 percent of entrepreneurs support them.
Party     Business
Voters Support:   
Change in percentage points
Moderate Party   
People's Party   
Centre party   
Christian Democrats   
Social Democrats   
The Left party  
The Green Party   
Sweden Democrats   
Source: Dagens Industri

Poll was conducted between 25 February and 1 March and included 600 Swedish entrepreneurs and business leaders. All comparisons are seen to the corresponding survey from September 2011

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