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Swedish far right party, the Sweden Democrats growing exponentially in southern Sweden as money keep son tumbling in

Monday, 22 April 2013

If the election were held today, the Sweden Democrats, the radical far right party, would get 16 percent of the vote to the Regional Council of Sk�ne, Southern Sweden.

This comes from the new Yugovs opinion poll conducted for the Swedish free newspaper, Metro on Monday.

The poll also show that that of the 1009 persons that were contacted  and questioned on telephone, 44 percent will support the five parties currently running the regional government there. The five parties are the Greens, the Conservative Moderates, The People's party, But the Centre party and the Christian Democrats fall below the threshold required for governing.

One other important issue that voters got worried about was healthcare. 66 percent of respondent said they had very or low confidence in healthcare policy.

In related development, during the election year 2010, the far rights Sweden Democrats received close to two million Swedish Krona in private contributions, according to a statement from the party to Transparency International (TI). Only Social democrats and the Moderates got more from individuals in 2010.

Of the nearly Skr2 million, there were contributions that exceeded Skr20,000, but the Sweden Democrats would not relate them to the donors by name. In 2011 and 2012, got Sweden Democrats got no individual contributions over that amount.

During the election year 2010, the Conservatives Moderates received Skr 7 million in private  donation, the Social Democrats Skr3.1 million and Sweden Democrats barely Skr2 million (skr1,955,000).

Others were the Christian Democrats Skr1.2 million, the Green Party with Skr364.000, Left party Skr195.000 and the Centre Party Skr 10,000.

As a percentage of total revenues, Sweden democrats rely heavily on private contributions. The year after the election, private contribution to Sweden Democrats fell to Skr156,000 and for then by 2012 they were Skr 620,000.

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