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Sweden continues to be weary about the "provocative behaviour" of North Korea

Wednesday, 10 April 2013
Sweden is worried about the provocative behaviours of North Korea especially when it emerged today, the deadline for war to start and that it will likely test fire a missile.

With Japan saying that it will shoot the missile down if it passes over its territory, that can be a spark for an all out war.

This worries the Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt, who now sees that the chance for a war breaking out due to the behaviours of the North Korean is possible.
The minister is also concerned about the crisis for North Korea.
 "I do not exclude the possibility that North Korea will do more to provoke," Bildt told Swedish television.

As the world continues to fight to eliminate nuclear weapons, something that has been going on for long, when both Iran and North Korea pose a threat to the outside world many questions start to emerge.

800 experts from around the world gave their perspectives on the global situation in Washington recently in a global nuclear conference. Finally, during the two-day meeting it was time for the Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt, to reflect on the situation in both Iran and North Korea.

 Sanctions against North Korea has not worked. They have exploded three nuclear weapons, according to Carl Bildt.
"I am also worried that escalating provocations could lead to a dangerous situation. We need to take it easy and not be provoked."
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