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Black people again on the breath of Swedish far right party - No good

Friday, 26 April 2013

A parliamentarian from the Swedish far right party, the Sweden Democrats, has come up again with another derogatory remark about the Black Africans.

Mr. Mark Wiechel posted message on his facebook page which  various Swedish media sources feel that they were disparaging remarks about a sector of teh society that need to be respected.

According to Swedish tabloid paper, Expressen, Markus Wiechel and a fellow party member are said to have discussed in a video chat in which  he lambasted the African as obsessed with witchcraft killing.

Markus Wiechel is also said to have called participants in type of ritual ceremoney  "bloody f** monkey" and "retarded f** pension savers". Pension savers in Swedish known as "pensionsr�dder" is a word used in anti-immigrant circles, referring to politicians who talk about the need for increased immigration, to cope with the pressure the aging population in Sweden is putting on pensions and welfare.

Sweden Democrats' press officer, Martin Kinnunen, said that he is surprised but  cannot believe in the press reports, as he cannot verify the Expressen's information. According to him, they could not have found the Facebook conversation.

"But if he (Wiechel) said these things, he thinks it is highly regrettable and he does absolutely not know how some people can express themselves in that way," said Martin Kinnunen.

Markus Wiechel is 25 years and lives in Norrk�ping. He is a member of Parliament and Chairman of the Sweden Democrats in �sterg�tland.  He has been a strong character in the party and has in the past been presented in controversial circles. He has been an alternate member of the party executive.

He became a full member of parliament for the Sweden Democrats in December last year.  Wiechel then replaced Lars Isovaara who was forced to resign after a series of racist revelations in similar manner.

Our reaction

Is this a big deal, it is something to talk about  but being Sweden and Europe, it is expected that the Africans supposed to have grown thick skin such that these types of utterances means nothing for them. The question is Wiechel and what has he done? He is just a politician voted in by the far right supporters of Sweden. When it comes to real creativity and contribution practically done to the economic, political and social development of Sweden, what has he done other than downgrade certain human beings as animals or putting them into nothingness? Had he been better in some of these things mentioned above, one would have had some sympathy with him. As Swedish from the minority, these things means nothing to us on this network. We still strive to make Sweden the best place to live by all from all parts of the world.

by Team

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