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Who is winning the Swedish political fight on the best policy on job creation?

Thursday, 28 March 2013
Though Sweden is a wonderful economy with many success stories to be told about its economic success, high unemployment is something that has always bugged the economy. Who then is winning the economic policy debate on job creation policy?

Now with austerity gaining grounds and the growing desire to limit public spending and slim down the welfare state is stronger than before, the government has been accused of investing less in approaches deemed to create jobs and reduce unemployment.

As the government is gradually loosing grounds in the general polls, one reason for that looks to be its policy on the job market. Now the opposition,  the Social Democrats that have been out in opposition for some time has started gaining some grounds with voters and that is blamed on that it has a better  approach in solving the country's jobs problems.

According to a survey conducted by polling organisation Sifo, commissioned by Swedish television, 44 percent believe that a government led by the Social Democrats have a better job market policy, compared to 35 percent of those who prefer a Moderate  (current government) -led government.

But the Conservative Moderate party retains a strong confidence of how the country's economy should be managed. The party leads big over the Social Democrats in which  50 percent to 32 percent prefer the Moderates.

On the question of who is best to run the country, 40 percent responded that a Moderate-led government and 39 percent supported a Social Democrats -led.
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