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Swedish unemployment rate will not decrease in the nearest coming years

Monday, 15 April 2013
Swedish unemployment will remain above 8 percent for years, the government presented in its spring budget and which Scandinavian Companies and Market has seen through radio Sweden.
According to the government, the continued crisis in the euro zone is the driver for this  uncertainty and turmoil.

According to our report last night, this is the third time in the relatively short time that the government has written up the level of unemployment in its forecasts. And the government now believe that the higher unemployment rate also lasts longer.

In the budget the government feels that the unemployment rate this year stands 8.3 percent, 2014 - 8.4 per cent, and only in 2016 that it will be heading down to 7.1 percent. Last fall, the government did not even know that unemployment would go over 8 percent at all.

The continuing crisis in the euro zone is the force behind the uncertainty and turmoil. The government writes that "there is a clear headwind that allows recovery in Sweden is held back," and that "uncertainty about the future of the economy is great and the risk of a worse outcome is being considered."
See the government's view about the unemployment development in the coming months and years.
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