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Romania concerned about reputation as the number Romanian beggars on Swedish streets explode

Tuesday, 30 July 2013
There have always been concerns and complaints about the extent in which Romanians are begging around Sweden and other leading cities in the Nordic areas. Despite persistent denial or quietness from the Romanian authorities or the shifting of blames to the Roma wonders, the authorities have now come to terms with this feat.
Romania begger in Stockholm
Romanian beggar in Stockholm street (Image SVT)
The Romanian ambassador to Sweden said on Swedish television that the Romanian beggars cause damage to the reputation of Romania.  The ambassador is concerned that so many poor Roma people come to Sweden to beg and has seen no quick fix to the problem.

The beggars have become part of the cityscape of Sweden's major cities. Here poor people with their cardboard cups could be seen sitting poorly on the side street muttering something as one passes by. Many of the beggars are confirmed to be people from the Roma clan from Romania. They are said to have come to Sweden with hopes of a better life.

The questions have been whether they came in with some skills to be productive and could not fined work. Others are asking if they are trying to get a jobs, taking language training and things like so that they become attractive to get a job.
Romaninan begger in StockholmRomanian beggar in Stockholm street (Image SVT)
Alternatively, looking at what is happening in the other major cities around Western Europe is it safe to say that it is the life style of the people. All major western European cities complain of Roma beggars.

The Romanian embassy said it is overwhelmed with more and more of their  compatriots flocking their embassy to seek help with housing, jobs, and money.

"As the situation is now, we can not help them if they are here to beg," said Romanian Ambassador, Raduta Matache to Swedish television.

The ambassador also made it clear how dismayed she is in that the beggars are damaging Romania's reputation and that there is no quick solution to the problem given that the Romanians according to the EU law are free to travel here.
"All solutions are long term. We must continue to invest in education of the Roma," says Raduta Matache.
Romanian Ambassador to Sweden
Romanian ambassador to Stockholm Raduta Matache (SVT)
In Stockholm, the Swedish capital lately, almost every corner has beggars now. The women are organized to sit beside garbage cans, exits to popular points such as the subway system (T bana) shopping centres as seen on the photo below. The men are walking around with their canes purchased in bulk all vibrating down the sidewalk. Some are top class pick pockets and pretty girls can distract while their picking the pocket of a suspected person.
Some are practicing what is described as aggressive begging - ruining after people and seeking their attention. The authorities have advised not to give them money but the fact they are here means that they get the money they go out for.
The question is "who is giving them money?"
Last month, Romanians were evicted from London when they started turning the town into junk. London police swooped on the begging travellers who also carry out street gambling and sleeping rough in central London.
Let see what Sweden will do.
by Team

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