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Record number of Chinese traveling to Sweden

Tuesday, 12 November 2013sweden
The Chinese are showing their love for Sweden and the Nordic region by travelling here in massive numbers. New reports hold that the Chinese are flocking here in their numbers for various reasons including the ability to breathe clean air.

Foreign tourists reject Sweden, as it looks like Sweden is loosing its popularity with international tourists.

Sunday, 08 September 2013goteborg
Fewer tourists came to Sweden in June and July, compared with the same month last year, questioning whether Sweden has lost its mojo as destination for international tourists.

Scandinavian Travel

Scandinavia or Northern Europe or the Nordic is know for so many great things But have you ever been there?
As a fastest growing media network from the Scandinavian we have received many questions about Scandinavian travels or Scandinavian visits as well as knowledge of the area. We have decided to respond and this sector of our website is to provide comprehensive information about various forms of travels to the Scandinavian region.

The beauty of Scandinavia is not only that which rests in various new reports about quality of life, leadership in democracy, the best places to leave in, economic competitiveness and strong innovation but also impressive environmental protection systems and wonder scenery less exploited.

 Image from Wikivoyage

Therefore if your intention is to visit this region led by powerful and most modern economies of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, there are various approaches you can take.

We are thus positioning ourselves to be the leading online resource centre for travel individuals and firms alike. From market intelligence and trend analysis to breaking news and exclusive video interviews, it provides all the information you need to keep your fingers on the travel pulse.

Search for holiday and hotel information, images of Scandinavia and its culture. Find city breaks in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, Oslo, Bergen, Helsinki, Copenhagen etc, trips to the Nordic Lapland and many other destinations in around Scandinavia.

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