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Chaos in Copenhagen after bomb alert which after called off as creative Sweden's project interpreted as a bomb device

Tuesday, 06 August 2013

An area around Kungensnytorg in central Copenhagen was cordoned earlier today after a suspected explosive device was found in a car in a parking garage. It turned out that the device was one created and being tested by a Swedish media official that had nothing to do with explosion.

Dan Zethraeus. Photo: DR The swede whose invention created disorder in a very busy city of Copenhagen
After a close examination, the car owner is not suspected of a crime and the  area previously cordoned is now open for normal business.

It happened that the car, which police feared had a hidden bomb device in central Copenhagen, turned out to be a Swedish man testing his invention.

"I am very sorry that there has been so great resurrection. I had no idea that my invention could be misunderstood for something else," said Dan Zethraeus who works for  Swedish television channel SVT to Danish Radio.

Suspected bomd device img: Damark TV
"I was contacted by a Swedish journalist and has just stormed down here to explain that it is an invention," said Dan Zethraeus.

The military bomb technicians were driven quickly to the scene and a robot examined the object, which is said to have been only a speedometer like object.

"We received a notification of a car that looked suspicious and we deployed a patrol. They could see wires sticking out of the car, so we cordoned off the area," says Hans Sinding of Copenhagen Police to Danish TV2 .
Chaos in central CopenhagenChaos in Central Copenhagen (Svt)
Swedish television reports that the car that was the alerted was raised on is registered to a Swedish television employee. "We have been in contact with the man who says that it is about a project."

"I am innocent of this, it's a project I'm doing. Now I have to talk to the police," he says to Swedish television.

The  area cordoned  lasted several hours and created a huge mess in Central Copenhagen. Police announced that they saw the situation serious and took a bomb robot to the scene.
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