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Big "tax Evasion" in Norway among many companies.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013
Six out of ten companies operating in Norway pay no taxes, according to figures from the Norwegian Tax authority.
According to various reports from the Norwegian media, only a minority of companies, 41 percent, pay taxes. The Norwegian government in 2011, reported missing out on Nkr29 billion in tax money.

The Norwegian Tax Directorate prepared for the Norwegian television station NRK, shows that 99,402 taxable companies out of a total 240,889 companies paid corporation tax of 28 percent in 2011. Sole proprietorships are not included in the figures.
Norwegian Tax Director, Svein Kristensen is concerned. He believes this shows that to a high extent there is tax evasion in Norway. He is not surprised that a minority of about 41 percent of the companies actually pay tax.

"There are profits to be taxed. So many of these companies have either not made profit, or they have losses from earlier operations which may be deducted from the tax calculation," said Kristensen to NRK.
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