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The number of Swedish citizens who re-immigrated during 2012 by emigration country, number of years abroad and average age
Emigration country Years 
Average age Number
7.8 45 397
USA 6.5 34 1 379
35 532
UNITED KINGDOM 5.3 31 1 722
37 455
DENMARK 3.7 32
1 053
CHINA 3.7    34 461
NORWAY 2.3 28
4 244
Source: Statistic sweden

Where have the Swedish emigrants migrated to?

Sunday, 24 February 2013
So far, the feeling in Sweden is not to get the country out of the EU, as such its people will still have the freedom to travel and settle in various parts they desire in the Union. However, according to the latest Swedish population assessment, some additional 52,000 Swedish people left Sweden last year, a new record when it comes to the amount of people "fleeing" the country.

Where have they been "fleeing" to and what are the drivers in both sides - that is Sweden repelling them away and the destination attracting them?

It turns out that Spain and France are the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean countries, which become them most, while Portugal is rapidly increasing in its attracters. The weather - sun and lower costs and taxes compared to Sweden seem to be the mean attractiveness.
According to reports, 2012 saw many Swedes emigrated the highest from the Sweden among the Nordic countries followed to the English-speaking countries. More than 3,000 people chose to move to the United States last year and 3280 moved to the UK. Finland and Norway received 2640 and 7379 people respectively.

According to analysts in Sweden, the clear winner in terms of this migration growth is
Portugal, which is rapidly becoming a popular destination for affluent. Since 2009, when the country introduced generous tax rules for immigrants, the number of emigrants to Portugal increased by almost 200 percent. Last year emigration there was lower and only 198 people chose Portugal.

Spain and France still attracts many thousands to the Mediterranean, in recent years.
Spain and France attracted over 1,000 emigrants each in 2012 and Greece received 383 individuals while Italy attracted 476 emigrants Swedes.

According to analysts, the wider group who choose to migrate to Spain are not just driven by tax issues. Maybe lower cost of living and various business opening as the economy tries to regain its foot from its struggles to rebuild its economy.

Malta has previously attracted many business owners for tax purposes, but interest has cooled considerably. Last year, the number of emigrants to the islands fell by 12 percent, and only 120 people moved there. One reason is uncertainty about changes in tax laws in Malta.

Thailand has for several years been one of the most popular countries for Swedish people to moved away to. Last year, 680 people chose to move there. Here people migrate there for a mixed of reasons, ranging from little adventure seeking individuals who want to open a coffee shop to those moving for tax reasons. The climate attractiveness is also a consideration.

For the UK, it popularity is known for many years and the numbers coming here has remain stead despite the economy being depressed. Swedish emigration here are broad and spread across several age groups. Many come to work and among them are students and entrepreneurs who want t benefit from the UK business diverse community to expose their ideas. Compared to Sweden, many bright Swedes who are ignored in Sweden due to the strong barrier of entre into certain fields usually find the open and loose British entrepreneurial community very attractive and helpful to their course. It is hard to count the number of Swedish business ideas that here hatched in the UK including this network.
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