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Treacherous weather conditions lead to mass accident pileup in Sweden

Tuesday, 15 January 2013
About a hundred vehicles, trucks and cars have mixed-up in an accident in Sweden today described as one of the greatest mass collusion of our times.  The accident occurred in Southern sweden on the E4 motorway in Eastern Ljungby near the Oresund Bridge in Southern Sweden.

That motorway has now been closed around area which Swedish police communication spokesperson, Cindy Schönström-Larsson described it as a chaotic situation.

Police say they do not yet know what caused the accident, but Jonas Hellsten, incident commander in Helsingborg, Southern Sweden says that earlier, he saw people driving recklessly.
"On the way out to the accident scene, were constantly overtaken by cars and trucks that were driving too fast. They were not respecting distances it looked like they did not know how to drive in such conditions."

According to police, all fatalities were adults,  about 20 people were reported injured, including children. The injured have been taken to hospitals in Helsingborg, Kristianstad and Ängelholm. A bus with 25 uninjured and people with minor injuries were driven to Ängelholm hospital.

The giant clash occurred at 11 o'clock Swedish time, and according to the police, it was very slippery on the road and the visibility was poor due to dense fog. Areal photos show how a truck has been compressed over the roadway as earlier reports talked of zero visibility. Team

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