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The backers of Wikileaks's founder, Assange ordered to pay his bail money

Monday, 08 October 2012
People who backed the founder of the Wikileaks, Julien Assange have been ordered by a court to pay the bail money since he eloped into the Ecuadorian Embassy.

According to the BBC, nine people who put up bail sureties for Julian Assange have been ordered by a judge to pay thousands of pounds each. Chief Magistrate, Howard Riddle said they must pay a total of 93,500 by 6 November.
Mr Assange who has been resisting extradition to Sweden to face question on sexually abusing some women there, for fear that he might be deported to the USA where his head is wanted for the releases of secrete cables which embarrassed several countries, was backed by many high left wingers.

When he eloped onto the Ecuadorian embassy, the British authorities thought that he violated his bail terms and now require that those who bailed him cough the money.

He still faces arrest if he leaves the embassy because he break bail conditions, authorities say.
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