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The Swedish train crash might have been an accident and accused woman could have been innocent

Friday, 18 January 2013
The train, which crashed in a house in Sweden on Tuesday, which we reported, has now been analysed and it turn out that it might have been cause not by the woman but accidentally.

The cleaner is reported to have arrived in the rain to do her job - to clean  not knowing that the brakes were not engaged and they key was in the ignition. So she bent a chair and the train started rolling and later drove uncontrollably to its crash site.

The train operator Arriva, which operates services on Saltsj÷banan, made  a statement according to Swedish television, referring the newspaper Metro,  that it regrets that the cleaners was identified as guilty of stealing the train on Tuesday crashed into a house in Saltsj÷baden.

"I regret that we have not been clearer to give a balanced picture of her guilt or innocence in this case. It has appeared that she has stolen the train. And it may be so, but it could also be an accident," says Tomas Hedenius, Communications Manager at Arriva, to the tabloid paper Expressen.

The woman is being care for as she struggles with serious injuries, but during the day, there is hope that an initial hearing of her will be held, according to prosecutor Per Andersson to news agency TT.

Initially, various authorities in the train companies had pointed out that the cleaner could have stolen the train from the train depot.

"If it turns out that this was an accident, then Arriva should be ashamed of their actions," says Johnny NadÚrus, branch secretary of the union Seko, which organizes 80-90 percent of the employees at Arriva.

The tabloid paper, Aftonbladet reported yesterday that police theory on the issue is that there may have been an accident - that the train which crashed into a house in Saltsj÷baden might have driven away from the yard accidentally.
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