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Taxi fraud in Stockholm drains customers' accounts - what you need to know

Monday, 25 March 2013
Sweden is a very nice place and many institutions here looks trustworthy but do not be fooled by all that for there are scams so rife that they are professionally executed.

Several people have been affected in recent times in a new form of taxi scam which is really spreading. It happens whereby taxi drivers lurk customer's credit card details and then later empty customer's card of from an ATM.

It is reported that the driver would collect a customer's card and then hand him a totally different one. Later the driver will move to the ATM and empty the customer's account.

In Stockholm only, more than 30 taxi customers lost their credit cards recently. Some Skr20,000  has been accounted to have disappeared.

Typically, customers have not discovered the thefts earlier than the day after taxi journey when they moved into their online banking, for example, check out how much money went to the tavern visit.
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Police have no clear picture of the perpetrators. It's everything from known taxi companies, to non-famous companies, according to Jan Olsson of the fraud squad at Stockholm police.

The driver is reported to steal the customer's PIN number.  Then when the card is removed from the reading device, the driver finger complete change the customer's card with an identical but worthless cards.

In order to avoid tracking, the drivers choose not to charge for the trip, because then they know that they would be tracked electronically according to Olsson.
Are you a visitor to Sweden, Stockholm or some of our major cities and do you choose to travel by taxi, you should be cautious  and note that as glamorous the Swedish streets might look, they are also made up of dangerous thieves that will clean you of your hard earned money.
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