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Which are the most deplorable places in Sweden to live in? Sweden's

Wednesday, 10 April 2013
Generally Sweden is a great place to live - which everything looks from good to excellent when compared to other countries. But within Sweden there are some municipalities that are tough places to live in.

The main characteristics of these municipalities are small, far from metropolitan areas with shortages of skilled labour force and aging population, as well as a few large employers.
Top and worse Swedish municipalities to live in
Top 10 worse municipalities in Sweden to live in.
Best Municipalities to live  in - 10 best

1    Filipstad
2    Gällivare
3    Grums
4    Norsjö
5    Hagfors
6    Hofors
7    Hallefors
8    Oxelosund
9    Emmaboda
10  Storfors

1    Lidingö
2    Taby
3    Vaxholm
4    Nacka
5    Ekerö
6    Sollentuna
7    Österåker
8    Vallentuna
9    Vellinge
10    Danderyd
Source: WSP / Svd

The Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet has made a report on manipulates that are loosers and those that are winners when it comes to classification of the best places to live in.

The newspaper draws from a report made by the consultancy organisation WSP's ranking of Sweden's 290 municipalities for best and worst strength in terms of economic and social life. These municipalities would also be those that vulnerable to wide fluctuation in its economic activities.

The ranking is based among other things on the level of education, employment, industry concentration and the local business confidence. In that vein, Filipstad and Gällivare are ranked as the most vulnerable, while Lidingö and Taby are judged as strongest.

The solution is to merge the small and weak municipalities to larger municipalities, according to several members of parliament. These politicians want Sweden to learn from Denmark, which succeeded to resolve some of  its problem region issues this way.
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