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Swedish municipality of Ljungby taken over my Nazis and plant their flag in the heart of the city

Sunday, 21 April 2013

A Swedish municipality of Ljungby has been taken over by the Swedish Nazis and they have made their intension clear by planting the Nazi Swastika in the central of the city.

The swastika flag flew over central Ljungby for several hours on the pole which is the official pole for the Swedish and commune flag. Someone is said to have had hoisted the flag at the municipal building's flagpole, as locals rejected that the Nazi have taken over.

At 7 o'clock on Saturday morning, the villagers reacted furiously and contacted emergency services and the police when it became clear that the Nazi swastika was flying in the heart of their city.

"I thought I saw in comer. It was terribly uncomfortable," said Nina Axelsson who works at a coffee shop just opposite the town hall in Ljungby and who first saw the swastika flag hoisted when she started work on Saturday morning.

"It felt awful. One wonders how long it had been flying there and it feels weird that the municipality has no better eyes on their flagpole," said to Swedish television.

The mayor of the city will be making official complaints to the police.

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