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Swedish migration board engulfed with bribery and corruption scandals

Tuesday, 29 January 2013
The Swedish migration board has come under intense scrutiny as it emerge that resident permits have been sold to the highest bidders in what has been described as a serious bribery scandal in that department.

In that respect, two officials connected with the Swedish Migration Board in Malmö were arrested this morning on suspicion of selling the Swedish permanent residency and work permit to a dozen of people from Africa and the Middle East.

"My case official at the Swedish Migration Board told me that I could pay Skr50,000 to get a permanent residence, "said an anonymous man to Swedish Television studio  in Malmo, southern Sweden.

He stated that in May 2008 he had already raised the alarm that he was being asked to pay for his permit. His case administrator at the Swedish Migration Board was then one of the two officers today arrested on suspicion of aggravated bribery.

He made a police report in May 2008, but the case was closed. He later also notify the Immigration Service, but got no reaction, reports Swedish television.
"This is extremely disappointing. It is not good for the agency's reputation and also not good that there can be these kinds of businesses, "said Migration Board General manager, Anders Danielsson.

Since residence rights granted to EU and EEA citizens and their family members, means that they may stay in Sweden for more than three months without a residence permit, these people involved have been equipped with passports that gave them the appearance that they are Bulgarian citizens.

According Swedish television, the Migration Board's internal investigators reported the matter to the police last summer after they examined one official matters.
The suspected crimes is said to have been committed until 2008. One of the suspects has stopped working for the board in 2008 and the other was on leave.

Other reports hold that resident permits could be bought in Sweden. This follows people who pay money and mask themselves as skilled worker required in the Swedish job market sector where there are skill shortages. Many are said to have bought the permits with the help of the Swedish migration Service. This comes after the government pass a rule, which allowed employers to shop for workforce from abroad arbitrarily.

Labour Union, LO's investigator, Thord Ingesson told the Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter that it is estimated that at least half of the workers who received two-year work permits have paid for them. The price tag will be between Skr30,000 to Skr40,000  and even up to over Skr100,000. See our report here

Organization Paperless Stockholm testifies that many employers do not live up to the working hours and wages as stated by the Migration Board and presented by the employee. In practice, this may mean that some will are here to work as slaves for the employers some who know how to present to the migration proof that they are working and are well paid.
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