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Suicide rate among youths in Sweden hit 150 a year

Monday, 11 February 2013
They have everything children from deprived societies lack but they are not happy, as such, they kill themselves. This relates to Swedish youths who continue to take away their own lives despite the views that suicide among young people was falling.

Approximately, 150 children and young people have killed themselves in Sweden each year in recent years. Over the past 30 years within the age groups 15 to 24, the number just keeps on rising.

One reason for the high suicide rate has to do with mental illness, which has grown among the young people in recent years. Also high youth unemployment makes many youths feel worthless. The excessively high demand of the academic world which push some students to breaking point could be another factor especially if they fail in school.

To reduce the incidences and to prevent further suicide among the young here is the call for investment in training personnel in schools and increased research.
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