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Record drug seizure in Skåne, southern Sweden - 150 kg of amphetamines

Tuesday, 08 January 2013
The Swedish police has made its largest ever seizure of amphetamines in recent years with a large haul in a truck in Helsingborg, southern Sweden.

They found 150 kilograms of amphetamine, worth several hundred of million, which was intended, surely for the Stockholm market. This came after a long reconnaissance by the National Bureau of Investigation which had been lurking in Helsingborg since the end of November. The cargo is reported to have came from a truck that had been travelling through Europe and crossed the Öresund Bridge. 

"What we know is that the original place of loading is Slovakia and then it has gone up through Germany, Denmark  and into Sweden," says Per Wadhed, Police Superintendent at Swedish National Criminal Investigation to Swedish television news.

The seizure of the amphetamine is the biggest so far in Sweden. A comparative seized, 124.4 kilograms of amphetamines was seized in 2011. Four people were detained on suspicion of serious drug offenses. The leader, who was arrested in Germany, had been living in Sweden for many years as both Swedish and foreign citizens have been taking active art in the drug trade into Sweden
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