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Poor hardworking Swedish farmers much vulnerable to criminality

Monday, 11 February 2013
As Swedish farmers work extremely hard and calculate how to balance things like climate change, prolonged winter, and price vulnerability, criminals on their part are calculating what to do with them.

This make the Swedish farmers more exposed to theft of things such as tools and machines. These are stolen years as nearly one in three farmers in Sweden have been victims of such crime over the past two years.

Most often, it is about theft of machinery and fuel, according to a new survey carried out about the Swedish Farmers' Association (LRF). In the survey all three of the 10 farmers said that over the past two years, they have been victims of crime.

Just as all business owners, farmers are also affected by false invoices and shady telemarketer according LRF study, but the theft of tools and machines are most common as well as diesel theft.

1000 farmers were asked in the survey, at least 600 of them responded, according to the LRF.
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