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Norwegian mountain region of western Bergen desperately seeking to fill 32,000 positions

Sunday, 25 November 2012
In Sweden, unemployment is a way of life but over the border, in Norway, there is the desperate need to fill vacancies. In the Mountains region of western Norway, Bergen there is the need for 32,000 workers.

Workers are so scarce here and there is in the need for more people to work in various positions such that, an organisation, Business Region Bergen (BRB), is out seeking qualified workers to drum them to the area. The organisation, BRB,  has produced the figure of the skill shortages and on Monday  it will launch what is called "Norway's biggest recruitment campaign ever."
According to BRB, many businesses have signed up to the campaign. These include jobs in the oil, gas and engineering sectors.

Bergen municipality  and Hordaland County Authority own 35 percent of the shares of the BRB which is a limited liability company. Other shareholders consist of ten smaller municipalities.

Bergen (pictured) is Norway's second largest city, beautifully situated in the fjords and valleys traversed Vestlandet. Less beautiful, according to many, is the weather - with its proximity to the Atlantic, as such Bergen is documented as one of the wettest cities in Europe.

The precipitation occurs more during the months of September with 283 millimeters of rain fall - (average measured 1961-1990) .

"Many people do not know the career opportunities that exist in this region. Therefore we will talk about the opportunities in this emerging markets," says CEO Asbjørn Algrøy of the Business Region Bergen, adding that "now we go on the attack to recruit the best talents,"
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