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"Norwegian industry should slow the Swedish worker immigration" - Day Aarnes, NHO boss

Monday, 04 March 2013
The sour feelings between the Norwegian and Swedish immigrant workers had now become real.
Norway claims that it has been one of the few countries in Europe to open its door for immigrants workers but now enough is enough. As such, Norway is now raising more critical voices against the immigrant workers from Sweden in particular, writes the Norwegian radio and television network NRK.

Day Aarnes, (pictured below) who is director of the Norwegian business organization (NHO) says that immigration has been good for Norway, but that they should discuss how much immigration the country can tolerate.

Aarnes told NRK that immigration from countries such as Sweden and Poland complicates Norwegian youth employment opportunities.

"The danger is quite real enough. Until now, we have used a variety of techniques to conceal youth unemployment. We have many in higher education, perhaps in areas where professional opportunities are not very good, and we have a lot of work assessment allowance at a relatively young age. I would argue that we have a hidden unemployment problem among adolescents in Norway, and that we have a significant challenge in employment of Norwegian youth in meaningful and gainful employment," says Aarnes.

NHO director also believes that Sweden and Poland should stop using the Norwegian working to solve their own unemployment problems.

"Both Sweden, Poland and some other countries should place greater emphasis on the private labour market, and to reduce unemployment in their own country. Norway can not save Sweden from youth unemployment," says Aarnes.

Of the more than 300,000 new jobs that have been created in Norway since 2005, around 200,000 have gone to immigrants, according to the newspaper VG.

Looking at the argument that might be thrown around, the NHO boss added that "some will probably say that it is they (Swedes) who have rescued us at the moment, but when it comes to youth unemployment as it is, we are the ones who have rescued Sweden."
He points out that Sweden tried to run away from its responsibility of creating jobs for the young people by taking steps earlier to send them to Norway so as to keep youth unemployment low. "I think this is a fair criticism of the policy in Sweden now," he said.

The swedish oppisition, Social Democrats will surely have something to talk on the governement about given that it had been hammaring the governement for its policy of solving the youth uemployment problems by sending the youths to seek work in Norway.
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