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New proposal to make children born in Sweden by foreign parents to become Swedish citizens

Monday, 29 April 2013

A new proposal in the Swedish policy systems is that to make children born in Sweden of foreign parents to automatically become Swedish citizens.

According to Swedish television news, Children born in Sweden of foreign parents will automatically become Swedish citizens if one parent is registered here at least for five years and have a residence permit, suggest a review of the Citizenship after a survey.

Immigrants who learned the language to a certain level, for example, has passed the highest course in the Swedish for immigrants language to become Swedes, a year earlier than today, the investigator to Swedish daily, Dagens Nyehter reports Swedish television. The report will be submitted to the government on Monday.
The investigator Gunnar Strömmer suggests that the foreign parent who qualify but do not want their child to be Swedish can apply for to avoid that. Today, children born in Sweden  by foreign parents maintain their foreign parents' nationality even if they are born here.

"For the sake of connectedness, it is desirable that all children born in Sweden, and that are expected to grow up in the country, should be allowed to become citizens here," writes Strömmer.
Language bonus that leads to quicker citizenship is meant to encourage those who want to be Swedish to learn the language as quickly as possible. Those who succeed can shorten their waiting time to four years, or three if the applicant is stateless or a refugee. Bonus scheme are not applicable to Nordic people who already have shorter application time.

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