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More Swedish youths behaving better than before - Survey show

Tuesday, 26 February 2013
One in four 15-year-old Swedish youths has been polled to show an improved behaviour today than similar periods in the past

Popular action of a typical 15 years old Swedes such as vandalism fell last year and only one in five have carried out shoplifted. One in three has been skipped school, and four out of ten have been binge drinking. Despite this, the ninth-graders are shown to be more diligent, a large school poll published today show.

"The result clearly shows a decline in the number of criminal and problem-oriented areas, compared with our previous studies," said Jonas Ring, researchers at National Crime Prevention Council, Brå, on the latest results of the National Survey, which has been done every three years since 1995.

Approximately 6,500 ninth graders answered the questionnaire, which gives a different picture of their experience than the official crime statistics show according to the report published by the Swedish daily Dagens Nyehter.

It is not very clear why such changes have taken place given that the economy is not really doing well and more young people are having difficulties finding a job.  Some people blame it on that fewer youths get out and meet friends in the evenings or that more think that it is important to succeed in school  and that better education create route for a better future.
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