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More Swedish harden criminals establish in Thailand, source of drugs to ease smuggling to Sweden

Sunday, 17 March 2013
Swedish police is worried that the increased settling of Swedish criminal gangs in Thailand would mean that there would be increase ease to smuggle drugs to Sweden.

We reported recently how it was easy to get drugs on the popular streets and meeting places in central Stockholm in Sweden. The growth in more Swedish criminals setting bases in Thailand is being seen by the Swedish police as a possible sources of this drugs in Sweden. 

So it is not just tourists who thrive in Thailand which is one of the most popular destination for Swedes people going on vacation. According to the intelligent unit of the Swedish National Criminal Investigation Department more and more hardened criminals are being observed investing money in Thailand in sectors such as real estate and bars.

"In the past we know that criminals spent much time in Thailand, but did not know that they do business there. We suspect that they are committing crimes while they are there. For example they can be doing drug dealings," says Lars Öjelind, detective at Intelligence Division of the Swedish National Criminal Investigation Department.

(Img SVT)

According to the Swedish police liaison office in Thailand the biker gangs and even criminals from other networks are leading in increasing their  presence in the country.

The Swedish police is now worried that the Swedish criminals will creates contacts in Asia, for example, with people in drug cartels which can lead to increased smuggling into Sweden.

"We do not think these people are on holiday in Thailand, but are there to engage in criminal activities," says Lars Öjelind.

The Swedish government through justice minister, Beatrice Ask wrote to the Thai authorities seeking their co-operation, a few weeks ago.

One question that has stood out is the Swedish authorities are really aware of  what these gangs are moving abroad for and the government don't really want them to do so why issue them passports?
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