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Leader of the Finnish far right party, the True Finn, Timo Soini, took part in anti-gay marriage protest march in Paris - Media reports

Wednesday, 29 May 2013
The leader of the Finnish Far right party, Timo Soini of the True Finns (pictured below), which is a leading opposition party in the Finnish parliament,  said that he participated in demonstrations against same-sex marriage in the French capital last weekend.
according to posting in his blog, the controversial political leader, said he felt it was important to defend traditional marriage.
Mr Soini wrote about participating in "demonstrations in support of marriage between men and women" in Paris.
The party leader was writing about demonstrations that took place in the French capital last Sunday, during which roughly 150,000 protesters denounced the enactment of a new law legalising same-sex marriage in France.
He defended his participation by saying teh Finnish broadcaster, Yle that 
"As a European Union citizen I have the freedom and the right to participate." Soini told Yle.
He added that the original purpose of his trip to Paris was to attend the campaign launch of an ideological peer contesting a seat in upcoming European Parliament elections.
"It so happened that there was this demonstration so I joined in," Soini explained.

Besides his anti immigration, anti EU stance, the controversial nationalist politician, whom many find his views t be those of right wing organisation has also declared that marriage laws should not be amended to include same-sex partnerships.
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