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Large cache of beer and cigarette seized from 11 Polish smugglers on their way to Norway

Sunday, 03 February 2013
A large cache of contraband goods were seized by the Norwegian custom officials in a joint force with the police in which some 11 Polish smugglers were arrested.

On Saturday, the police and the custom official hit Svinesund, the  bridge separating the Swedish municipality of Strömstad  from the Norwegian municipality of Halden in the county of Østfold. On seeing a large custom and polices force of about 20 officials, one of the suspects attempted to escape by running towards the direction of the E6 motorway. But he had no where to run and was soon caught.

When the rest were finally stopped, in their cars contained 10,600 litres of beer, about 900 litters of Spirit, and 118,000 packets of cigarettes (See image on the right). This was considered one of the biggest seizures the authorities had made within a very short time and the goods are estimated to have evaded taxes and custom duties worth some Nkr1.5 million, according to authorities.
Image: Norwegian Custom ===>
In the pre-planned operations to check car driving from the Swedish side of Europe into Norway with goods with the possible aim of evading custom duties, 11 cars were stopped. Ten of them contained alcohol and tobacco. The authorities feel that the smuggling ring is made up of an organised gang that bring goods from Europe and evade customs duties. The Smuggled goods will now be destroyed since no one can determine their quality.

Several attempts are made periodically to bring some types of good into Norway which are either too expensive there or are scarce. Smugglers can earn enormous amounts of money from such good if they succeed to bring them in, as they these goes in most cases sell cheaper than in official shops. One danger here is that in most cases these good contain dangerous substances that could lead consumer to the hospital of even long-term illnesses.
The culprits could face a face jail time.
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