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Immigration issue becoming a growing important issue for Swedish voters

Thursday, 31 January 2013
Swedish people and voters are beginning to change their feelings about growing immigration to the country and it is becoming a strong issue that could play in the next general elections.

According to an opinion survey conducted recently by polling organisation, Novus for Swedish TV channel 4, 1000 people were polled between January 10 to 16 on their views about the most important policy issues affecting the country today.

Immigration issue stood sixth most important issue Swedish voters want the politicians to get it under control. When compared to a similar survey a year ago, the issue of immigration was classed as the 11th most important issue, in January this year, the question of immigration stand out 6th in terms of importance. This is worrying and could explain why the far right party could have been gaining in the polls of recent.

Talking about the huge support for immigration, 43 percent of Swedish voters believe that immigration is the most important issue the country has to get grips with. However, on top of the list of grievances, healthcare, education and training, employment / unemployment, scored respectively 76, 72 and 63 percent  - considered by voters as most important.

Similar survey conducted a year ago carried saw pension question coming sixth most important, but today it has slipped down to tenth place, i.e. it has swapped places with immigration.
Of the political parties, most voters, 20 percent, identified the far right, Sweden Democrats party as having the best immigration policy. Last year, 11 percent thought that the party had the best policies on this issue. At that time 14 per cent thought that, the Social Democrats had the best immigration policy. This year the same figure agreed that the party has the best immigration policy whereas 39 percent could not answer the question who they thought has the best immigration policy.

It should be noted that the far right party, Sweden Democrats have a very tough stance on immigration and Sweden's relations with the EU.
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