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How the horsemeat scandal is making Swedish municipalities to get creative

Monday, 25 March 2013
The horsemeat scandal has ignited a lost of trust in food producers and has made Swedish municipalities to become more creative.

One of the areas where trust has been lost is the lack of knowledge and quietness about the source of the food we consume. That will change now, as Swedish municipalities sought to get a better idea of where the meat served to school children are sourced. One way of doing so is too rear their own cattle. Six Swedish communes in Dalarna are considering owning cattle and letting them graze on their land, which will then be sent to slaughter. As such, they'll know where the meat which ends up in the school kitchens come from and what type of meat the children are eating.
"It is important to think about what we eat. It can also be an educational thing, for the kids today have lost much knowledge and they hardly know where food comes from," says Solvei Bjur-Hedlund, nutrition director in Mora Municipality to radio Sweden.

In Mora Municipality, according to the report from radio Sweden,  Orsa, Leksand, Gagnef, Orsa and Mora Älvdalen are communes that are investigating how the municipalities themselves could produce some of the meat served in schools and retirement homes.

Increased knowledge about animal welfare, environmental impact, and lack of control are some of the reasons driving them into this project according to Solvei Bjur-Hedlund.

"We are very keen to get good quality of what we serve. It is the fear of serving lasagne horse meat instead of beef that has accelerated this thought."

They argue that Dalarna and Mora, are known for an open beautiful landscape which unfortunately has not been properly put into use. They plan to let the animals graze instead of using a lot of equipment therefore improves on the environmental.
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