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How a ship carrying Uranium for A-bomb passed through Sweden without any one knowing.

Sunday, 07 April 2013
Something that left anarchist, green peace and all the anti nuclear activists cursing, last Monday afternoon, March 25, when they only learned  after that a ship carrying nuclear material and a 68 kg of enriched uranium ripe for making two nuclear bombs sneaked passed through the Swedish port of Helsingborg without any one knowing.

Of course, the government surely knew and promoted the transportation of the explosive cargo to be done in great secrecy.

The secret was so tight that neither the Swedish Coast Guard, Navy nor Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) was aware of the cargo on board the Malta-flagged Mikhail Dudin, ship coming from Polish Gdansk port en route to Murmansk on the Kola Peninsula. It passed through the Oresund region in southern Sweden between Malmo and Copenhagen on their way north.

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The American MSNBC Rachel Maddow has reported on the issue many times. See her report here

According to Swedish media reports, it is rather an advantage that the passage was kept secret especially when nuclear materials are being transported. Secrecy has been the watch word as President Obama of the USA has been collecting nuclear materials and keeping them safe from the hand of danger.

Thus transporting 68 kg of highly enriched uranium, according to the U.S. enough for two nuclear bombs, went from the research centre Rez outside Prague on the night of March 23 under surveillance by Czech Special Forces and U.S. nuclear safety authority NNSA.

The shipment was part of the US-funded efforts to remove highly enriched radioactive materials from Eastern Europe and to minimize the risk of it ending up in the hands of terrorists.

The final destination was the top-secret Russian nuclear plant in Mayak, far away at the Urals Mountains. With a detour across northern Europe and around 700 mile by truck, boat and train the shipping took two weeks according to reports. 
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