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Heavy criticism of the Social democrats after the dismissal of Muslim Omar Mustafa

Tuesday, 16 April 2013
The resignation of Omar Mustafa from the executive board of the Swedish Social Democrats party last weekend when it emerged that he headed an Islamic organisation that did not reflect the Social Democrat's inclusiveness principles has now sparked protest among various ranks of the party.

About 70 people demonstrated outside the Social Democrats' headquarters at Sveavägen in Stockholm on Monday afternoon. The protest was directed against the party leadership as they claimed that Omar Mustafa (pictured here) for pressured to resign from the Party.

Then later in the Swedish daily, Svenska Dagbladet wrote 29 Social Democrats, a protesting  article titled "Unjustified criticism" for the way the handled Mustafa.

They wrote that it is unacceptable that someone who is elected by a Social Democrats Congress is forced to resign after unjustified criticism from party colleagues and driven by the media, the 29 Social Democrats writes in debate page Svenska Dagbladet.

Organizer of the protest rally at Social Democrats headquarters are said to be the  "Heart - believers of Social Democrats in Stockholm", which drives "a local, national and international opinion against racism and religious phobia, but for equality and solidarity ', where Omar Mustafa is chairman.

Omar Mustapha has refused to give any form of interview to the press to clarify his own side of things. He could have explained better why his Islamic organisation has a by-law, which stress that legally, there is no equality between a man and a woman, something that the Social Democrats hold very strongly. He would have also explained how he see things in today's modern Sweden, how he will work in a party and environment where gender equality, racism and general inclusiveness is the key.

The Social Democrats had requested Omar Mustafa, head of the Islamic Association of Sweden to choose whether to head his Islamic organisation which has stressed aspects of discrimination according to its by-laws or resigned from it and take his executive position in the Social Democratic party. 

The question is, why did he not resign from the Islamic Association when he was elected to the Social Democratic executive. The Islamic movement again is being seen as trying to bully the institution into accepting it irrespective of if it does not conform with the Swedish rules of freedoms and equality.
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