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Finnish Councillor given Hitler clock as a gift for being a true patriot

Thursday, 28 March 2013
A councillor of the Finnish far right party, True Finns in Vaasa,  Risto Helin, has received a present which is a clock with a photo of Hitler and the Nazi swastika as a gift from a patriotic club in Vaasa, Finland.

The gift came to the surface when the newspaper Image did a story about the association and their clubhouse. The article says that club members call themselves among other patriots, racists, and Nazis.

Helin received the clock and seemed happy by saying that "I see nothing wrong with it. I'm not racist and not a Nazis." Helin also pointed out that he is a councillor in Vaasa  and has no role in this matter.
"I am a normal person who can do what I want. There is no difference if I was given a watch with Stalin or Mao," the councillor barked back at reporters
Image: IMAGE magazine Finland >>>>>
Maria Tolppanen, MP and Councillor for the True Finns party in Vaasa is not happy.
"I am shocked and upset."
Tolppanen have not heard about it before but says she immediately should call Helin and even take it up to the call the head of the party.

"This is no ordinary thing to do. I'll take it up to the local party association. I should also take it up in Helsinki."
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