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Extensive damage to E4 after massive crash yesterday

Wednesday, 16 January 2013
After the massive traffic accident that occurred on the Tranarpsbron (Bridge) between Åstorp and Eastern Ljungby yesterday, closer to the Öresund Bridge towards Denmark, where one person was killed and 46 injured, it also affected the structure of he bridge and road surface. It reported that it would take some time before the road area is open.

This means that road traffic to and from Denmark will have to stop given that this is the only free flowing land traffic conveyer system linking Sweden and Denmark. likely ferries will surely be instituted to transport people from the two lands given since scored of people live in Sweden and work in Denmark and vice versa. 

"There is extensive damage to the bridge parapets and edge beams, which require action, says Annika Canaki, head of maintenance at the Swedish Transport Administration Southern Sweden radio Sweden.

Until all damaged vehicles are removed, the area cleaned up of debris, and repairs the bridge parapets, the Transport Administration has no prediction as to when traffic can resume on the stretch of the E4 again. They must thoroughly inspect the bridge and road t guarantee safety.

The theory behind the accident yesterday has been attributed to thick fog combined with extreme slipperiness, reports radio Sweden. Jesper Bengtsson, acting for the local police chief in northern Skåne, says that the police have extensive investigative work to do in relations to the accident.

"We are questioning passengers, 40-50 policemen were on the spot, so it will take time," says Jesper Bengtsson.
Last night police revised down the death toll from the accident, from three to one. 
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