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Explosion of identity fraud in Stockholm, Sweden - 20,000 reported in 2012

Tuesday, 26 February 2013
There has increased reports of identity fraud in Sweden with over 20 000 reported around the capital, Stockholm.

Over half of all reported fraud in the Stockholm area is linked to identity hijacking. This represents almost 20 000 notifications that were received in 2012, according to Anders Olofsson, national coordinator at the Stockholm
police fraud squad.

Although Olofsson is reporting about  Stockholm, where he feels that between 50 and 60 percent of the inflow has to do with hijacked identities. He also believe that  that the problem is quite similar across the country.

Identity theft happens in that a perpetrator steals an identity card, or more usually, by hacking into places such as company or hotel registries, where data about customers are stored. Then they'll order for goods with large sums of money in someone else's name.
Please, be advised, take good care of your identity, and report suspected transactions to your banks and the police.
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