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Desperate British people want to leave the EU

Monday, 18 February 2013
More British people are indicating that they would want their country to withdraw from the EU, believing that the EU is not as progressive as they had hoped, according to a new opinion polls report.

The idea that the UK wants to pull out of the EU is not a new news as the country's economy remain depressed and cannot grow, politicians from the coalition government, Tory Conservative party started putting pressure on the Prime Minister, David Cameron to hold a referendum so that the UK could withdraw from or remain in the EU.
With exaggerated reported from various British tabloid newspaper, that millions of Romanians and Bulgarians will be flooding into the UK and the emergence of the right wing party, UK independent party (UKIP), it has meant that the view that the UK is worse off in the EU has become something guiding the views of desperate unemployed and economically staved British voters.

As such if there was to be a referendum today, 50 percent of the British people will vote for secession from the European Union, 33 percent would vote to stay in while the remaining 17 percent did not take a position on any of the options, according to a survey commissioned by the Financial Times newspaper.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has previously not been friendly with the idea of a referendum for given the economic situation, people will always be tempted to blame other for their plight.

But as the pressure from eurosceptics in his party persisted and the UKIP looked to steal much of their thunder, Cameron promised a few weeks ago that a poll will be conducted in 2017, should the Tories win a majority rule.

On other hand, looking at the opinion polls at this moment and if it remains this ways, the Toris will be out of office after the next general elections. This is because most polls show that Labour is leading as teh current coalition has persistently presided over a very depressed economy of austerity and cuts instead of that of stimulant and growth.

As people get tired of hardship, arrogance from the current government as well as wanton unemployment, what ever they brought in some three years ago to "fix the mess Labour created" will be fully forgotten in the next election as more people will, according to opinion polls, vote back Labour in. Talking about the devil you know...
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