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Danish police join Swedish police to do what Europe knows best - racial profiling

Thursday, 01 November 2012
Danish police have not joined the Swedish police, especially of  the Malmo region to call their own colleague with a different skin colour or racial background nagger - like connotation that in most cases will be seen as defamatory as commonly applied to the people of black origin.

Just as a few years ago when police in Malmo went on the rampage calling the black people there Malm÷, niggers, now in Denmark, Police officers with an immigrant background are called jargons and terms corresponding to words such as "nagger" or "Paki" used on their  own police colleagues.

This has come when the economic depression in Denmark and around has led to various forms of racial tension in the different countries around Europe and here in the Scandinavia.

However, the Danish National Police establishment has noted that such is not acceptable and is now implementing codes of conduct in the profession that will hope to weed out such defamatory word application.

The Danish newspaper, Politiken, writes that the Institute for Human Rights (IMR), in a report pointed out that Police daily jargon used on their colleagues may seem demeaning to immigrant officers as such the police will introduce a code of ethics.

The report, conducted in collaboration with the Danish national police association shows that most of the police officers appreciates an outspoken jargon, but that there are also some who take offense at it.

Researchers, who conducted the investigation, say the police jargons used were rather an expression of thoughtlessness than malice. That most of the usage was intended for being of no harm. But the police officers whom the jargon are directed to feel hurt.
"My impression is that there is a problem. Many are actually offended," said Line Vikkels° who carried out the research to Politiken.

The Danish National Police believes that the jargons used are "unacceptable."
"We all need to think about language usage and set limits," says HR manager Anne Erlandsen.
Going forward, the research recommended that the Danish police should also make the teaching of non-discrimination and harassment provisions as part of management training. That the police should increase recruitment of minority officers and ensure equal treatment  and promotion.

The President of the Danish Police Federation, Peter Ibsen, nicely welcomes the report. He said "We can be hard on each other, but we should not bully each other, and if some from other ethnic origins are experiencing this as a problem, it is a problem for all of us."
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