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Danish companies anxious of industrial espionage after revelations that the US spied and collated data.

Thursday, 04 July 2013
The revelations that the U.S. National Security Agency NSA surveillance systems are being used actively in Europe has intensified fears of industrial espionage could be rife among Danish companies. The fears is that the US might have been collecting industrial secrets from Danish companies.

Image from Ambu

"What we are nervous about is that our trade secrets and development might have been taken so that other companies are able to launch them before we can. Therefore, we must look at whether we can intensify our efforts further strengthen our security going forward ," says CEO of Ambu, Lars Marcher to Danish radio and television.

Ambu produces medical devices used in emergency rooms and ambulances, and according to several experts, there is good reason to fear that other countries could help their companies to spy on the company.
For example, the U.S. National Security Agency NSA through the surveillance program, Prism potentially collects data from Danish companies, reports Danish Radio and television.

Monitoring is not a new phenomenon, but foreign media disclosures of the scale has outraged leaders across Europe.
The former NSA employee, Edward Snowden, has among other things, told German Magazine Der Spiegel that Americans used hidden microphones in the EU representations in the United States. Germany is the European country that the NSA, according to Edward Snowden, has spied on the most.

In addition, half a billion German e-mails and phone calls a month are being examined as well as increased NSA spying against the German government and possibly the German Chancellor.

"NSA is difficult to guard against, because they are so tech savvy," says Jens Christensen, chief consultant at CSIS, who advises companies on IT security, according to Danish radio and television.

Danish companies are generally very frugal with information on whether they have been exposed to espionage.
Interest Organization DI has received several requests from member companies who suspect they might have been exposed to espionage by foreign intelligence services. Whether there has been such feeling about the U.S., no one will confirm or deny.

"There is speculation that some of these attacks originate from the U.S., but it is not safe to say of that attack is exceptionally skilleful," says chief consultant in DI,
>>>Imnage: Spy master Edward Snowden<<<
In the Danish Defence Intelligence Service (FE) Department of Cyber Security, Danish companies are called to take espionage risk more seriously.

According to FE,  the most serious cyber threats to Denmark comes from state actors, who using their national intelligence services  carry out espionage and to steal trade secrets. In addition, students who are on exchange are used to collect information in the countries where they are studying. Therefore, Danish companies should remain vigilant.
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