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TV license in Sweden to be extended to Computers and tablets to be instituted in Sweden soon

Tuesday, 22 January 2013
Sweden is looking for a way to design a special separate tax for people who view television programs via their PC and related tools.

According to technology paper, Computer Sweden, when Swedish television will starts broadcasting its channels online, the television licensing will be spread down to other devices such as computers and tablets.

The reason for this is based on the law on the financing of radio and television in Sweden since 2007 in which the equipment used is technologically neutral. This means it is the actual viewership that will cost those viewing, regardless of what equipment they use to view the programs with.

Mobile phones with Internet access will not be covered by the fees , according to competitor Sweden  but it is still unclear how the new fees will be applied - that is, if a households has TV and 3 to 4 computers and related services, will they pay separate fees?
Swedish television will from next month broadcast most of its programs  and all its channels sent free over the internet and Swedish people in Sweden will be able to access all the services on line via SVT Play. Mobile phones, tablets, and computers within the country will can be used for that purpose.

The change is aimed at forcing most people to pay the TV and related broadcasting licence of Skr2,076  per year per household. This move is blamed on the 2007 technology-neutral law for the collection of the fee in that sectors.
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