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Cheap heroin readily available in Stockholm and the police is helpless

Friday, 08 March 2013
For the first time, heroin has taken over Stockholm where it is cheap and readily available. According to police, this has recruited a new generation of heroin addicts and its is destroying people's lives.

The flow of the drug has meant that it has almost become possible that there are more heroin pushers than heroin addicts. This means there are more people selling than people who abuse it according to a dealer who spoke to radio Sweden.

According to Radio Sweden which had been monitoring the drug operations in central Stockholm, every day for several weeks, they observed that drug trafficking up  and very close. The trading is fully open; rapid hand movements, thick wads of cash and they quickly noticed who is who. Some days at least seven heroin dealers accumulate simultaneously.

An internal report from the county police in Stockholm confirmed the picture radio Sweden gives - cheap heroin had taken off the drug trade and the sellers of it are many, This comes despite the fact that in the past the past few months there has been a police operation to take out the heroin networks.

But that work is deemed hopeless as the police authority dealing with narcotics,  Lennart Karlsson at the City Police in Stockholm feel that "although we arrest at least ten dealers a month,  new one emerge all the time, it's like a kind of game at the carnival," he says.

But dealers radio Sweden chat with say just one dealer has been caught.  "One was caught a few days ago, but none of the others have been caught. I know people whom I have bought from for three years and they have not been caught. It's crazy, because they are down here, some of them every day, from morning to night," the dealer said to radio Sweden
The user who spoke to radio Sweden begs that something should be done to get the dealers off the street as the drug takes lots of things from people and given them nothing back.
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